Sunday, August 06, 2006

IRC discussion on wikimedia use of Digital Noise Control Music

IRONCOW Seth IRONCOW == ChrisBradley == Digital Noise Control == - I am the author - I own the copyrights - and I want to shift the liscense
04:10 IRONCOW was good to me this morning - the community generally has been good to me this week, and I want to give something back as planned
IRONCOW I couldn't make it to Harvard - this is the best I can do atm.
04:14 IRONCOW changes nick to ChrisBradley
04:18 -> _sj- has joined wikimania
04:19 ChrisBradley I hereby approve of use of any / all tracks available on for any and all media presentations including introductions and exits under the creative commons attribution liscense for distribution, copying, recording, recontextualizing, and other forms of duplication. I state that in fact I wish to use the creative commons some rights reserved liscense, so that I might claim ownership but not restriction of use
ChrisBradley on the work.
ChrisBradley good morning sj
ChrisBradley Don't worry, I'm going to blog this too


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